“Welcome to the world of BattleMonsters. A barren dystopian world where humans are using monsters with wicked elemental powers as their slaves. In this world, wars are not only fought with weapons, but also with trained monsters unleashing the wrath of the elements upon their enemies. A great world war has razed the globe, severely crippling society. Nuclear warfare has led to great uninhabitable fallout zones, separating regions by vast radioactive wastelands.

People must fight for survival in this anarchistic society with little to no government. Colonies and republics ruled by the warlords and tyrants with the strongest BattleMonsters are constantly rising and falling in an ongoing post apocalyptic BattleMonster civil war. Do you have what it takes to become a beastmaster and lead your own party of BattleMonsters to victory?”

Rules Booklet

Contains the basic rules for your games of BattleMonsters!
Challenge your rival to a duel of an agreed upon Battlepoint value or embark on an epic campaign with villains and chatacable monsters!

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“This tabletop miniatures game for two or more players is all about little monsters duking it out against each other in epic pit fights. This booklet contains all the basic rules you will need to play games with your BattleMonsters miniatures, as well as tips for how to assemble and paint them.

This rules booklet is divided into sections, explaining the rules and procedures for playing single battles as well as how to incorporate a series of battles into larger narrative campaigns, where players can catch BattleMonsters and battle against all sorts of villains and bosses in a fight against your rivals to become the ultimate beastmaster!”

Model Profiles Booklet

Contains the specific rules for each individual BattleMonster miniature!
Print this booklet to create your own BattleMonsters stat cards and campaign sheets!

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