Greetings everyone! Welcome to Kyte Games, a new company located in Denmark, specializing in miniature games and accessories.
My Name is Jonas Ballegaard Plass, I was born in 1991, and since I was a child, I have been interested in miniatures and board games. Especially the process of sculpting miniatures and writing rules for use in games. Some people in the miniature scene may remember me as Kyte, the creator of the Troll Forged Fishmen miniatures line from the early 2010’s.
Due to your great support on Kickstarter, the game BattleMonsters – The Miniatures Game is now available to the general public! The webstore even offers some miniatures that were not available through the Kickstarter along with a range of environmentally friendly modelling foliage for decorating miniature bases and terrain, made from 95{ded75850946fdc6caf0ace4c84c80b1fd7f62b4c13650bff6cb4dec732eecb87} recycled materials at affordable prices.

What lies ahead

While the original line of BattleMonsters of the Kickstarter are already available to buy, I keep sculpting new miniatures, in hopes of expanding the Game of BattleMonsters. Below are some sneak peeks of some of the models you may see as part of a BattleMonsters expansion, intended for release in 2020-2021.

This cluster of strange face-like creatures are known as “Screaming Seeds”. They are the seeds of a tree-like BattleMonster known as the Lignum Mortis. As they mature, these Tree/Human hybrids drop their ghoulish seed-faces. Said dropped faces will attempt to group together in order to pollinate each other in hopes of growing up to one day become part of a mighty Lignum Mortis themselves. Their uncanny human-like wailing plagues the night-time in the Verminwoods as these lonely face-seeds call out for each other!

The actual Lignum Mortis Sculpture, sculpted in beesputty, hence the grey colour has been in the works for some time. I am still struggeling to figure out how to realistically create branches and leaves while keeping the model castable. Making models that are both dynamic and cast well can be a challenge sometimes.

The crested hawk fledgling was originally teased during the original BattleMonsters Kickstarter. The sculpt contains over 50 individually sculpted feathers!

This critter is called a “Nephenteseus”. Some of you may have noticed that the Electrodent model has caught a tiny member of this species as prey, that decorate its base. The Nephenteseus are carnivorous plants that slither around on their serpentine roots in search of smaller BattleMonsters to prey on. Obviopusly they sometimes become prey to other Battlemonsters themselves.

This Creature known as the “Seapug”. Inhabits the northern shores of the world. They seem to be imbued with arctic energy and can breath frost!

Last but not least is the early stages of a BattleMonster known as the “Mama Yaga”. These rare Battlemonsters inhabit the deep caves of the arctic regions and bears an uncanny resemblance to the witches of folklore. They are said to be able to manipulate the minds of others while also having arctic powers. All known specimens of this monster known to science have been female. It is a mystery to scientists how these strange creatures reproduce.

These were some previews of what’s to come. I will keep you guys updated on the progress of the sculpts!

Thanks for reading

 – Jonas Ballegaard Plass