BattleMonsters Starter Set

650,00 DKK

The perfect way to start your collection of BattleMonsters.

This starter set includes the following miniatures:
Tyrant Hatchling
Toxighast Spectre
Cordysect Nymph
Scythed Wasp Larvae
Ripe Reekroot
Mandiblade Beetle
Lepusceros Rex

The BattleMonsters Starter Set also includes a complete set of gaming accessories, including the following items:

1 BattleMonsters Rules Booklet
12 Action tokens
14 Debuff tokens
2 Trigger tokens
1 Stat Change token
1 Accuracy Change token
10 1-HP counters
6 5-HP counters
5 10 HP counters
5 D6
1 D10
2 Micro Dice

Rules Booklet is made from environmentally friendly materials. All tokens are lasercut in high quality 3mm neon acrylic by Laser Shack.
Miniatures supplied with 30mm round lipped slottabases. All miniatures are hand-sculpted by Jonas Ballegaard Plass, All models are hand-cast in high quality resin by Word Forge Games. All models supplied Unassembled and unpainted.